Much like a Personal Trainer, a Writing Coach is someone who’ll inspire you to work harder towards achieving your goals. In addition to providing the accountability and encouragement you need to complete projects on time, I’ll help you develop and stick to a writing schedule, give solutions for overcoming challenges, and show you how to revise and edit your work. A Writing Coach is ideal if you have trouble with or need any of the following:

  • Setting and meeting goals consistently
  • Grammar
  • Character and Plot development
  • Thoughtful, honest feedback throughout your writing process


I’m a people person. It may seem outrageous to some, but I’d much rather speak face to face or via phone than through text or email. That being said, I understand we don’t always have time to do those things. For this reason, I’m available to communicate in whatever way suits your needs.

We begin with a consult in which we discuss where you are and where you’d like to be as a writer. We’ll set goals that you’d like to work toward and an action plan detailing how I can best help you reach them. From that point forward, depending on the nature of your project, you’ll send weekly updates on what you’ve accomplished, and written material for me to review. In return, you’ll receive feedback (via email or phone call) on your work and tips on how to revise/polish it.


Writing is hard. Making money from it is even harder. As a self-published author, I know the importance of maximizing your budgeted dollars. I know the importance of finding help for you writing that doesn’t cost more than your monthly rent/mortgage. Below are several affordable options for every budget.


Beginning. Middle. End. You’re stuck at either one of these sections and can’t figure out how to move forward. Or maybe there’s a character, setting, or plot point that you’re having trouble fleshing out. The consult can be done via email, in which I provide a one-page solution to issues you’re having, or it can be done through a 1 hour phone/Skype call.


4 hours of talk time to discuss issues listed above or related to the action plan we create.
Written feedback on up to 4000 words (1000 words per week)


8 hours of talk
Written feedback and edit on up to 8000 words (2000 words a week)

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