vbmwpVengeance, Be Mine

To those who know her, Mia Ozu is a nice, yet often distant flower shop owner whose greatest flaw might be the fact that she’d rather prune her precious bonsai than participate in a conversation.

What they don’t know, is that Mia is harboring a deadly secret.

Haunted by the vicious murder of her parents, Mia spent a lifetime hunting down anyone involved. But revenge is never as sweet as it seems and when one murder reveals a shocking betrayal and threatens to expose her true nature, she must decide if finding the truth is worth the risk.

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lbswebsiteLove, Business, & Stilettos

As an emerging fashion designer, Sasha Ellis is on the verge of the fame and success she’s worked a lifetime to achieve. If only she was as lucky in love.

Enter gorgeous singer and actor, Miles Parker. He’s looking for a woman to complete the package and Sasha fits perfectly…until a secret from her past threatens to pull the curtain on their budding romance.

Will Sasha leave her baggage behind and take a chance on a new journey with Miles or will old habits prove too hard to break.

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