It’s me, Valeri Beatrix.

There are really just too many things about me to include here so I’ll try and keep it simple. I’m a writer, singer, designer…and a bit indecisive as you can tell from my abbreviated list of attributes!

In my head, I’m many other things, including a ninja, ballerina and linguist…that means I love languages. Did you know I can now say OMG, in 5 ways??? Awesome, right!

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, but it wasn’t until 9th grade that I finished my first REAL story. I got a demerit in ROTC for writing instead of listening to a lecture! Sadly, it was all in vain since while cleaning out my locker on the last day of school, I accidentally threw it away ūüė¶ ¬†Still, that experience taught me a lot about myself as a writer: mainly, nothing will stop me from doing it, haha!

So far, I’ve written a novella,¬†Vengeance, Be Mine, and a romance-ish novel,¬†Love, Business, and Stilettos.¬†Both of which can be read for free here.

When¬†I’m not committing the worlds in my head to paper,¬†¬†I’m usually helping another writer with that task. Either that or I’m chasing my my darling¬†children¬†and attempting to convince my favorite (and only!) husband, to try the results of my latest adventure in the kitchen.

Some of my favorite things-if you care, and even if you don’t-are:

  • Bookstores: ahh, Borders, how I miss you (wiping faux tears)
  • Chips
  • MUSIC!!!!!! MUSIC!!!!!!! MUSIC!!!!!!
  • Martial Arts films
  • Target, lol

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