Graphic Bookmarks, yeah yeah yeah


So, for those of you who donated, you may remember I was planning to work with an artist by the name of Riam Azariel.  No, you say? You don’t remember?? I figured as much.

Anyhoo, I did receive some graphics from her but a few of them weren’t exactly what I was looking for so, after a looooong search, I found another great artist who is equally friendly as she is talented. Her name is Jenny and her company is JKBarts. She created some great graphics for me and without further ado, here they are!!!!

Well, one more “ado”, haha. There are several versions of the book mark and if you helped fund this project, you’ll be receiving at least one of them.

As always, leave me your thoughts!

Mia "Assassin Mode" bookmark by Riam Azariel

Mia “Assassin Mode” bookmark by Riam Azariel

Mia "Chibi" bookmark by JKBarts

Mia “Chibi” bookmark by JKBarts

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