Sooooo…….it’s been a long while since I posted something. Mainly because I have no clue what I’m supposed to blog about. I mean…I’m sure there are thousands of topics to wax poetic about but are they anything people want to read about. I follow a few blogs and I must say, some of the topics have been a bit dry and run of the mill.

I’ve  been sitting here trying to come up with something good but alas, my brain is too full of the new story I want to write, several novels that need to be finished and the many things left to do on my “to-do” list…

Since this blog is relatively new, I don’t have to worry about disappointing my followers with this generic post, yay! Well, on the off chance that you are disappointed, well…. you know…

Anyhoo, leave me a comment or suggestion on what you think I should write about!

2 thoughts on “clueless…

  1. chandra says:

    give a update on the book. for the donors who were able to have minor characters named after them, maybe give a hint as to who’s who? maybe explain some of the back story of a couple characters… for example nick/nico, and takeshi/ (whatever other name he went by). at first i was getting them mixed up, and then with abbreviated or nicknames, i was more mixed up, but i figured it out.

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