POW and thank u!

“You’ve been hit by, you’ve  been shot by, a smooth criminal!”

OK, so I’m not really a criminal, I’m a writer, duh! That was just in my head and I had to get it out!

After much bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…I finally got this site going!!!! shot for me! This of course, it just the start…I will be posting more later, but first…


To everyone who helped fund my recent Indiegogo campaign! I’m super excited/nervous/terrified/happy to share this book with the world. I feel like once this one is out, the next one (which is 75% done) will be much easier to finish.

As promised, below are the names of all the lovelies who contributed! I love you all and your perks will be coming soon!

Jude   Katie    mdw    sl1605   Gennett    Tacashell   Noirebelle   Kasana   Liziel   Cassaundra   Ain   Dominique   Danielle  Chandra   Cindy  Willie   Patricia   Linda P.    Max   Gina D.   Shelton   Michelle   Rosemary  Nakia   Demarcus   Krishna   Jennifer   Chantale  Vashti   Gerald&Anne   Fernanda    Jerry&Tizin   Nantou   Kenner   Alexis   Pastor Richardson   Yolande   Marva   Olivia   April   Jason   Kenneth   Claudelle   Linda C.   Tariq

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